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July 2018


Jesmonite materials have recently been tested or retested in accordance with EN 13501-1 under the harmonised Euroclass System of reaction to fire performance of building products which has been adopted by countries across Europe. Under this system building products are divided into the following seven classes on the basis of their reaction to fire properties:                                                                                        

Class – Definitions
A1– Non combustible / A2 – Non combustible / B – Very limited contribution to fire / C – Limited contribution to fire / D – Medium or acceptable contribution to fire / E – High contribution to fire / F – Easily flammable                           

Classes A2 to D also have the additional following classes relating to smoke emission and the production of flaming droplets during the first ten minutes of exposure:

SMOKE EMISSION (Class – Definitions)
s1 – Little or no smoke / s2 – Quite a lot of smoke / s3 – Substantial smoke

FLAMING DROPLETS (Class – Definitions)
d0 – None / d1 – Some / d2 – Quite a lot

The tests on Jesmonite materials were carried out by Exova Warrington Fire a world leader in the provision of testing and advisory services with the following results being achieved:

Jesmonite material EN 13501-1 Classification
AC100 B – s1, d0
AC300 B – s1, d0
AC730 A2 – s1, d0
AC730 Flex Metal Composites B – s1, d0
AC830 A1


For further information please contact us at sales@jesmonite.com.

June 2018

Welcome… Jesmonite Israel & Jesmonite Bulgaria

The Jesmonite world continues to grow as we welcome two new Jesmonite distributors, Cermat Limited in Israel and Nezhna-Banat Limited in Bulgaria.

As Jesmonite becomes known to more and more of the world’s most innovative designers and architects we will continue to extend our distribution network to reach customers around the globe.

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May 2018

The only avenue is Jesmonite

The Avenues Mall in Kuwait is one of the largest malls in the world with more than 800 stores spread over the seven districts. The Avenues Phase IV expansion was officially opened on Thursday 22 March 2018, by his highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al Sabah.

A combination of Jesmonite AC100 and AC730 totalling approximately 25,000kg was extensively specified for a number of retail brands including H&M, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton and Chanel for bespoke decorative architectural elements. Many of the Jesmonite features are inspired by the Roman and Greek architecture of centuries past to create a unique shopping experience within the Lower Forum.

Jesmonite materials were selected by the global architecture design firm Gensler who were tasked with designing the expansion. Gensler, who had specified Jesmonite on earlier phases, required a material solution which could be easily adapted to match specific colour references whilst replicating original decorative elements. Jesmonite offers the most versatile replication materials within the building industry and provides solutions to practical issues including safety and aesthetic quality. All Jesmonite materials are water-based, solvent free and environmentally friendly.

The lightweight Jesmonite columns, capitals and cladding panels were supplied and fixed by Alarabi International Decoration Co who are an approved Jesmonite manufacturer based in Kuwait. The team at Alarabi offer exceptional design, mould making and manufacturing skills enabling them to exploit the versatility of Jesmonite. Alarabi worked closely with Gensler and the two main contractors; Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co and WP Engineering/Ayala International Co to devise sustainable and fully integrated Jesmonite solutions.

The Avenues Phase IV was the latest project for Alarabi who have worked extensively with Jesmonite over many years on a number of prestigious projects throughout the Gulf Region. These projects include a range of private residences and the recently refurbished UAE Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi.

November 2017

The Hunger Games in Dubai

Lionsgate and Dubai Parks and Resorts have partnered to celebrate the world’s first Hunger Games theme park which was officially opened in October 2017. The World of the Hunger Games commenced operations last month in the Lionsgate zone at MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, the Middle East’s largest Hollywood-inspired theme park.

Jesmonite AC730 and AC100 were extensively used for thematic elements, plaques and external columns throughout The World of the Hunger Games attraction.

This combination of Jesmonite material solutions allowed the project designers to implement their design ideas without weight and safety constraints. Jesmonite products are lightweight alternatives to traditional materials such as stone and concrete and also a safe alternative to solvent based resin materials. All Jesmonite materials are water-based, solvent free and contain zero VOC’s making them the perfect solution for the most ambitious theme park projects.

November 2017

Land of the Lions at London Zoo

The Zoological Society London and Ray Hole Architects (RHA) were responsible for designing a new enclosure to provide state of the art facilities for a breeding group of endangered Asiatic lions. The Land of the Lions attraction within London Zoo was officially opened by HM The Queen accompanied by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Jesmonite AC730 was utilised for the entirety of the themed environment in order to create an authentic Indian village environment typical of those in the Gir Forest. These AC730 set works include 85 metres of rockwork to create cliff structures and a ruined Indian fort which is 30 metres in length and five metres high. The client required a material solution which was lightweight for ease of transportation and installation, whilst the AC730 also needed to be colour matched and colour washed to achieve a bespoke surface finish.

“Jesmonite is fast becoming Paragon Creative’s number one post coating and laminating material. We have used the material in hundreds of projects all over the world and are constantly surprised by its versatility and amazed by its durability in the extreme environments of installation. We hope that we can continue to work with Jesmonite, using their product innovatively and creatively.”

David Bloodworth – Creative Director, Paragon Creative

September 2017

Westfield Down Under

This exciting Westfield Whitford City redevelopment in Perth, Australia specified 450sqm of Jesmonite AC830 exterior cladding panels.

With the project being located near to the Indian Ocean the client required a bespoke AC830 colour which mimicked a sand-like textured surface finish whilst also achieving an excellent fire resistance. The exceptional properties of AC830 used in conjunction with Jesmonite Quadaxial Glass Reinforcement meant that lightweight panels up to 3sqm could be created, easily transported and installed on site.

“These projects are excellent examples of how Jesmonite material solutions can be utilised to create a whole host of high end finished products. Jesmonite has been a huge success in Western Australia and we are now looking forward to expanding Jesmonite’s presence across the whole of Australia”.

Mark Stocks – Managing Director, Jesmonite Australia PTY

September 2017

A jewel in Perth’s crown

The Crown Towers Hotel in Perth is the largest hotel constructed in Western Australia, incorporating 500 luxury rooms, suites and villas within a world-class resort complex.

The project designers needed to develop a 155sqm decorative petal ceiling and 150sqm lattice ceiling in both the Epicurean Restaurant and Waiting Room. Jesmonite AC100 was selected as the material choice for both ceiling designs due to its adaptability for moulded applications. AC100 is the ultimate chameleon material and can replicate virtually any surface, shape, colour, or texture which gave the designers freedom to create their concepts without limitation.

September 2017

Canberra’s Monaro Mall project

The Mather Mall Redevelopment Project worked with appointed architects Mather Architecture in Canberra Shopping Centre to deliver a bespoke solution with a number of benefits.

The project required a material which could replicate a concrete surface finish whilst also offering lightweight bespoke shapes and sizes for both interior ceiling tiles and spandrel panels.

To accomplish a consistent decorative surface finish Jesmonite AC730 was specified for 805sqm of ceiling tiles and spandrel panels. It also offered greater levels of impact resistance and reduced free-lime content, with low alkalinity, leading to major reductions in efflorescence in comparison with ordinary portland cement systems.

September 2017

Jesmonite named ‘Material of the Year’ at London Design Fair 2017

The 2017 London Design Fair aims to introduce the most interesting and boundary-pushing materials and processes at play in the modern design world. This year Jesmonite has been named London Design Fair’s Material of the Year. A number of Jesmonite surface designers will be showcasing how the ultimate chameleon material can replicate virtually any surface, shape, colour, or texture which gives designers freedom to create their concepts without limitation.

“We saw lots of products in 2015 and 2016 which we really liked and were particularly intrigued by. We presumed that they were ceramics that had taken on colour amazingly well but, when we scratched the surface, we discovered that they were made from Jesmonite. We didn’t know anything about the material and we wanted to find out more. There is nothing that really inspires a designer more than a new material to play with and Jesmonite is the ultimate exploration. Too few people know what it is, who is using it, and what it enables designers to achieve. You can make anything using Jesmonite.”
Jimmy McDonald – Founder and Director, London Design Fair

One of the designers who has wholeheartedly embraced Jesmonite is Ariane Prin, founder of PRIN London, who was invited to create the site-specific Rustiles installation at the heart of the ‘Material of the Year’ showcase.

Working with masters created by PRIN London, Jesmonite-casting specialist Feathercast Limited developed tile moulds that allow the Jesmonite mix to set into tiles – each of which will be unique. The tiles will be used to create a distinctive mosaic of colour and texture that visitors to London Design Fair will be able to enter and explore.

Complementing Rustiles, a variety of other Jesmonite objects and products will be on show, including work by 2017 rising talent Zuza Mengham and surface designer Katie Gillies. In its entirety, the showcase offers the London Design Fair audience an eye-opening insight into one of the most promising materials that today’s designers have at their disposal, and sets the bar high for future Material of the Year exhibitions.

September 2017

Jesmonite’s in the spotlight

The creative potential of Jesmonite was reviewed by Barbara Chandler in last week’s London Evening Standard.

Read the full article here.

June 2017

A genuinely World-wide website…

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and truly international website.

Both the site content and all technical literature has been translated into eight languages and we hope this will be of great assistance in supporting our overseas clients and distributors and to help Jesmonite find new markets around the world.

Click here to see our updated website.

June 2017

…with World-wide distributors

We welcome our new Japanese, Hungarian, Norwegian and Portuguese distributors to Jesmonite.

Welcome, Yōkoso, Üdvözöljük, Velkommen, Bem Vinda to Chemitec in Tokyo, Alvin Trade House in Budapest, Lindberg & Lund in Oslo, and Restaurar & Conservar in Lisbon.

As Jesmonite becomes known to more and more of the world’s most innovative designers and architects we will continue to extend our distribution network to reach customers around the globe.

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June 2017

A growing team

We welcome the appointment of two recruits to the Jesmonite team – our new Operations Manager, Chris Sedgley brings over 20 years of management experience and is already proving to be a great asset to the company.

…And also our new Technical Manager, Kamil Krasicki who joins us from Poland where he graduated as a Chemical Engineer. His knowledge of the very latest developments in material science will be invaluable to the future of Jesmonite as we continue to improve and expand our range of materials.

October 2016

Jesmonite & Material Lab at the Surface and Materials Show

Material innovators Jesmonite will showcase a group of very exciting and talented young designers who have taken what is possible with Jesmonite to whole new level. The space at the Surface and Materials Show in London will demonstrate a wide range of new samples collated from Jesmonite’s long experience of surface replication through moulding.

“The show presents us with the ideal opportunity to show the versatility of Jesmonite through the work of those who use it. We wish to elevate our support and co-operation with the Materials Lab as they provide a vital and unique service to architects and designers. It also shows that we are here to support and promote what our customers do with Jesmonite.”

Simon Pearson – Managing Director, Jesmonite

September 2016

Stunning private villa made from Jesmonite

Jesmonite AC730 was the only material solution for these exceptional architectural mouldings by Stevensons of Norwich Limited for this private villa in the Middle East.

This project represents the ultimate proof of the many benefits of Jesmonite AC730 in the level of detail and the accurate reproduction of real stone in a lightweight cladding that allowed Architect, Cristiano Ferme, to express a vision not possible in any other material.

Congratulations to all of the highly skilled team at Stevensons of Norwich for their exceptional work on this ground breaking project.

“Jesmonite, when combined with our artistic and manufacturing skills, is the ideal material for delivering high definition, fine detail and the highest quality architectural mouldings.”

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